Update version 0.2

Hi there! I pushed this update to fix some major issues based on early feedbacks and aswell made some minor improvements:

  • Progression Bar added: The player felt lost at times while exploring, without a clear goal. A visual indication of the player's progression shall change that.

  • Skip Option added to intros and dialogues
  • Some standard dialogues have been replaced with unique dialogues
  • Prices of most items have been lowered

  • Smoother Progression: General lvl up speed has been adjusted according to the game's legth:
  1. Experience gain for Battles has been increased 
  2. Actors now gain Experience also for exploring
  3. Actors now gain a new ability every 2 levels instead of every 4

  • Replaced Title BGM
  • Replaced BGM of the Forest Exploration Area (NOT the Tutorial)

  • Fixed a bug, which would prevent the player encountering a certain scene in the Cave Area
  • Smaller "Quality Of Life" changes
  • Various smaller fixes


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Sep 09, 2018

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