Thank you for your support!

Lately I've got many positive reactions to "Exorcist's Path" - I haven't expected this at all.

Past games always felt mediocre, after listening to the feedbacks, despite of all the work and love I'd have put into them. Of course it wouldn't make sense, to just comfort and please the developer, keeping quiet about the flaws, a game has. So yes, critics can drag me down at times, but they are necessary. Critics are essential in order to move on and improve and create some day a game, people would really like and enjoy. So I am and will always be thankful to my friends, family members, and anyone else who helped me in the past, improving my work. 

My first game lacked of story and battles were highly unbalanced. For some they would be too challenging.. for others boring. I've searched and probably found the solution to fix that, tho battles in Exorcist's Path might still receive some fine-tuning. But overall I'm pretty satisfied, when I see in Youtube, how battles have been handled by another player than me.

Anyway.. I wanted to take this opportunity, not only to thank for your support, but also to announce my decision about the future development of Exorcist's Path.

Originally I had big plans for this game and there is alot, I still would like to realize. I was thinking about a trilogy - free to play here on

One thing is the story. I want to keep focussing on it and deepen the relationship of all important characters. The story is the heart of this game, and like this it shall be aswell in future. You may look forward to get to know the background of old characters, you've already met in part I, like Lilith, The Firelord, or even Melchior. The focus stays on the 2 protagonists, and also you will get to know new spirits and each one will have its own character and soul.

With more spirits, more strategy will be added to the battles. 

Maps will mainly keep their style, I will continue using FSM (First Seed Material), but might add a winter landscape. As FSM doesn't include snow tiles, I will look for an alternative. But rest assured, that map tiles will be carefully chosen and the visuals will NOT suffer because of this. Just get yourself surprised. I hope you will like the new maps as you liked the maps in part 1.

As for the Background Music I already put my eyes on another music pack by John S. Richard, he recently released. If you liked the BGMs in part 1, I'm pretty sure, you will love the music, coming in the next part :)

So these days I am at the point of starting to work on part 2. It definitely WILL take a while, but I'd like to try my best, to provide the best gaming experience as possible.

Part 2 will be "Exorcist's Path - The Journey". The subtitle already gives an idea about its content: The 2 protagonists will leave their home village and go on an adventure through different locations. They will come accross spirits, reveal some old secrets, and deepen their relationship. Also I've already planned a surprise concerning the plot :)

Part 3 should basically be the end game and its afterstory. I'd like to avoid going too detailed into this now.

If part 2+3 are as well received as part 1, I will make a long sought dream of me come true and put the 3 parts together as one. The final product (after fixing and improving it here and there) shall be uploaded on steam then - as a free game. I don't bother really with making money out of games, but I always wanted to see one of my creations in the most popular gamestore. Yes - I could just pay the 100,- $ and upload anything, even my little 10minutes game Hide & Seek. I could.. but that would kill the purpose.

So anyway, I wanted to share my plans and my dream with you and will now go back on working on the game.

Thank you so much again, for taking the time, checking out my page.. my game.. its video. I appreciate it so much and I know very well how time is limited and all of us probably are rather busy with anything. So I feel really grateful and honored, that you considered my creations worth your time. THANK YOU!!

God bless you~

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