The Bronce Set!

For many years brave soldiers and heroes have entered the woods, fighting the demons - BUT THEY FAILED! Instead those demons have happily eaten their encounters and all what is left, is.. well, it's kinda obvious where this leads to...

Tho it is arguable, if the remaining equipment pieces of those brave warriors aren't abit disgusting (as they come right from the demons' stomage), you will receive them anyway - as a random monster drop.

The Bronce Set is the first of many sets, without special basic attributes. However, it already comes with suffixes. In this example (as seen in the picture) "berserk" is the suffix, granting more attack at the cost of some defense. Suffixes are applied randomly by chance - because everybody "loves" RNG ;)

But let's worry not!

Plans include also static attributes, such like + 10% Evasion. So in any case, the player WILL become stronger, if he/she decides to farm those equips.

Now going back to work. Thanks alot for your time ^^

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