HawkZombie Streaming! (+ belated comments)

HawkZombie Plays: Exorcist's Path (Demo) von HawkZombie auf www.twitch.tv ansehen

First of all - what a surprise! 

It was Jabub Games, the creator of Rising Saga: Origins, recommending "Exorcist's Path" to HawkZombie. Thanks alot to him for the support!

The stream was live around 3~4 am in my timezone, so I just got to know about this in the morning.

After watching the whole video I felt like I'd still need to give some feedback.

In all it was pretty funny at times and I enjoyed observing HawkZombie, not only trying to act the characters, but also him enjoying the music (yay)! The Boss Battle Theme is not from "Guilty Gear" tho (that wouldn't be allowed, would it?) - but from  YouFulca aka  Wingless Seraph. His site is always worth a check, he got some badass themes and is providing them for free.
(at this point a reminder: credits have been listed under the game's description, incl. where the music is from)

It was also quite interesting to see a different playstyle overall.

I admit, when I watched the part about "Secret Name" *cough*, myself I just noticed how stupid that is.. (and I noticed that face, HawkZombie made :'D) - I will.. work over that part again ^^

Text will be faster and more fluid in a future updated version. In fact I have worked on it already, but as I mentioned somewhere before, I will wait with the upload, until most of the content is "fixed".

Talking about the text - once the game is finished, I might even hire a native speaker for proof reading. Just as of now, it's too early for that still.

Now.. a more or less "Hot Topic" - the Timed Attacks or the Battle System overall.

I find it abit unfortunate, when the conclusion comes up, Timed Attacks had been added, just because they "looked cool". And still, as this assumption comes up for some people, it's probably my fault giving (unintentional) this impression.

The idea behind Timed Attacks for me is, to make battles more dynamic. Not at all in order to make battles "look cool" - as for that I could think of better solutions, like.. Action Sequences or some badass animations (or even the Ougi Animations, I've already implemented).

One big mistake could be, that the player is thrown right into the battle, just at the begin of the story + there are no tutorials.

Not only will I add explanations about how the Attacks actually work (implemented directly as a part of that battle), but also note a few things about their role in the further game.

Tbh, most reactions to the battle system, used in this game, have been positive until now. So generally spoken, I intend to keep them. However, I see how they can be overwhelming - out of nowhere. So my aim is, to prepare the player better for them.

Usually the player will battle with only 2 actors, which makes Timed Attacks much less frequent than in the tutorial battle. Still the focus shall be on the spirit summoning. Plans are to implement a varity of spirits, the actors can call. Each spirit call will consume 100 TP and have a very powerful effect. The strategic thought behind this is, as the max TP won't exceed 100, that the player will have to decide, which spirit will benefit him the most in the current situation. After using said spirit, the actor first must gain again 100 TP, in order to summon another.

The girl seems pretty powerful. But her damage calculation works mostly with flat numbers and elemental weakness of the demons in that forest. This being said - her attack shouldn't be an AoE 1-hit, once the player advances (content which isn't available in part 1 yet). As for the forest, I wished the player to be able to pass through it without greater difficulties (and in best case, without having to deal with a 'Game Over').

This is, however, all WIP still. It will sure run through many testings. Some abilities might require still Timed Attacks, others not. Overall I will still have to find a proper balance. 

If you like to add any input concerning the battle system, may it be ideas, critics or questions, please feel free to comment them below.

Last but not least I wanna thank HawkZombie for giving my game a try. I found the stream enjoyable to watch and quite funny.

Best of success also in future for your channel. I might take a look once in a while :)

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