Dynamic vs Tedious

Opinions about Timed Attacks differ alot.

There are those people who love them, as they bring some dynamic into the battles.. however, others hate them, feeling they're rather tedious. Then again others don't care and just deal with them.

What does that mean for Exorcist's Path?

Well, I honestly didn't want to remove a main mechanic from the game, which has been actually enjoyed by certain players. So how to keep those satisfied, who prefer the classical battle system? 

The answer is easy: Leave the choice to the player!

Right. I've looked for a way to implement the possibility, to actually choose, wether to play with Timed Attacks or without them. Also the player will be free to change between 3 different battle modes throughout the game by talking to an Inn Keeper.

  • Dynamic Mode: Timed Attacks are active for auto-attacks and Skills.
  • Semi-Dynamic Mode: Timed Attacks are active for Skills, but NOT for auto-attacks.
  • Default Mode: There are no Timed Attacks.

Summoning spirits never requires any additional player input and thus, they are never Timed Attacks.

For balancing reasons, the choice to not use Timed Attacks comes with a small disadvantage. This is not meant as a punishment for the default mode. Rather shall the use of Timed Attacks be rewarded, as they require additional actions from the player.

  • Default auto-attacks cannot hit critical. But else they do the same damage as timed auto-attacks. However, I plan the implementation of early melee skills, which shall mostly replace auto-attacks. And these CAN hit critical even on default mode.
  • Skill damage is slightly lowered. This should be barely noticable. This change is simply to prevent a default player to always hit with the maximum possible damage while the timed skill attacks are rarely executed at the perfect moment in order to hit the maximum.
  • Heals don't hit critical and their amount is slightly lowered. I'm still working on the heal mechanics, planning to make default heals depend more on the user's magic attack, while the timed heals are calculated primary with the max HP of the actor, who receives the HP recovery.

This major change is coming with an update soon, along with some other fixes and changes.

It'll be the first update of part 1 since release.

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